I Don’t Care About Celebrity Tweets

Every day there is a shitshow on the internet where some celebrity has made some evil, unforgivable tweet and the country is predictably clutching their pearls, gasping in astonishment and calling for a public execution.  Human beings have a remarkable tolerance and passivity toward actual atrocities but the moment you upset their sensibilities, their outrage … Continue reading I Don’t Care About Celebrity Tweets

Intellectuals Against Political Correctness

We hear a lot about "political correctness" these days. Antagonists of political correctness are usually thought to be ignorant, right-wing, slack-jawed yokels. (I'm sorry, the PC term is "academically challenged rural Americans.") Those who are hell bent on preserving their brand of "good old fashioned bigotry." Intellectuals, on the other hand, are generally viewed as … Continue reading Intellectuals Against Political Correctness

Puritanical Progressives are Killing Fiction Writing

Controversy over Netflix's new series 'Insatiable' ignited well before its premiere on August 10th, 2018. The series features an overweight and teased teenage girl who eventually loses weight and then seeks revenge on anyone who has wronged her. A petition on Change.org to cancel the show launched shortly after the release of the trailer and … Continue reading Puritanical Progressives are Killing Fiction Writing

Antifa Targets Black Conservative Candace Owens

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk and communications director Candace Owens were having breakfast at a cafe in Philadelphia when they were confronted by far-left protesters known as Antifa. Antifa is a militant, far-left, anti-fascist movement, comprised of anonymous participants, with the objective of confronting the threat of Nazi and Fascist uprisings. The original Antifa … Continue reading Antifa Targets Black Conservative Candace Owens

Where Have All the Rebels Gone?

As I look out into the vastness of human civilization, the high-water mark of yesteryear's rebellion seems to have faded into obscurity. It finally happened. The righteous moral indignation, culled from every myopic, pretentious busybody, coalesced to win a massive victory.  Smugly content, they revel in delight with the death of the outlaw, the rebel, … Continue reading Where Have All the Rebels Gone?

I Support Women’s Rights, Just Don’t Call Me a Feminist

Years ago I had a friend whose main objective in life seemed to be assuring that anyone who supported women's rights would identify as, and accept the label of, 'feminist.' She was a raging leftist riotgrrrl who hung out in the punk and oi scene and didn't seem to mind the company of blatantly conservative … Continue reading I Support Women’s Rights, Just Don’t Call Me a Feminist

The Censorship of Alex Jones

You may have heard that Alex Jones was recently banned from Apple, Spotify, Youtube and Facebook for repeatedly violating user agreements and company policies. This is incontrovertible proof that these companies are operated by the Illuminati! Just kidding. 😉 For years I've attempted to draw a distinction between freethinkers and conspiracy theorists; labels that are … Continue reading The Censorship of Alex Jones

Racists Probably Aren’t as Racist as They Think They Are

I was having a conversation online recently with a man who claimed that he was a proud racist and believes that America should be a white only nation.   Now, I know what some people are thinking. 'Why the hell were you even talking to this person!?' I'm a freethinker, a philosopher, and an observer … Continue reading Racists Probably Aren’t as Racist as They Think They Are

Interview With Julie Borowski

Julie Borowski is a political commentator living in the D.C area. Her sincere as well as satirical political videos (which are commended for offering unique perspectives to common political issues) on YouTube have been viewed over 5 million times. Julie is an intelligent, colorful, humorous individual who is also an avid animal lover. Julie was … Continue reading Interview With Julie Borowski