Libertarianism is Not a Racist Philosophy

Libertarianism is a controversial political philosophy with many different perceptions and interpretations. Overall, the objective of Libertarianism, as an ethos,  is to combat authoritarianism and minimize the state's involvement in arenas, like markets, that it wasn't designed to be involved with. In other words 'more individual liberty, less government'. Libertarianism itself was not constructed to … Continue reading Libertarianism is Not a Racist Philosophy

Libertarians & Non-Materialistic Capitalism

Capitalism. The word alone is enough to conjure images of swanky parties, hustlers, pimps with an assortment of "fine ass hoes", diamond studded cars, tigers on a gold leash, Rolex watches, Louis Vuitton, and sleazy billionaires who demonstrate a  brazen disregard for all human life, other than their own. Libertarians are often accused of trying … Continue reading Libertarians & Non-Materialistic Capitalism