The Abortion Debate Reminds Me That I Hate Everyone

Every so often the abortion debate will resurface as a hot button issue in American politics, ushering in a stark reminder that the real disappointment is that the sun will take another 5 billion years before it explodes and wipes us all out. First we have the backwater conservative evangelic; convinced of the impossibility of … Continue reading The Abortion Debate Reminds Me That I Hate Everyone

Anti-Religion Doesn’t Always Mean Anti-God

Anti-Religion doesn't necessarily mean "Anti-God". For example, I had a conversation recently with a Vietnam veteran who is ultra conservative, loves his country and is unashamedly a believer of God. There were two things that I found fascinating, and almost contradictory, about this gentleman: 1.) He said he would never stand for the pledge of … Continue reading Anti-Religion Doesn’t Always Mean Anti-God

Read Books With Opposing Viewpoints

There is often a reaction of disdain or hostility when you suggest, to people, to read books with opposing viewpoints to their own. Reading books that do not align with your political, religious, or philosophical views is extremely important. But why? Gaining the knowledge and perspective of your opposition is beneficial in a couple of … Continue reading Read Books With Opposing Viewpoints

Don’t Block Your Friends Over Political Differences

Now that all of your friends, your family, your boss, random people you meet at the bar, and the hoi polloi you went to high school with are on your friend list, you're bound to see¬†political posts¬†you disagree with. Not everyone is as intelligent and sophisticated as you are. Some people are "stupid" or "bigoted" … Continue reading Don’t Block Your Friends Over Political Differences