Anti-Religion Doesn’t Always Mean Anti-God

Anti-Religion doesn't necessarily mean "Anti-God". For example, I had a conversation recently with a Vietnam veteran who is ultra conservative, loves his country and is unashamedly a believer of God. There were two things that I found fascinating, and almost contradictory, about this gentleman: 1.) He said he would never stand for the pledge of … Continue reading Anti-Religion Doesn’t Always Mean Anti-God

I Support Women’s Rights, Just Don’t Call Me a Feminist

Years ago I had a friend whose main objective in life seemed to be assuring that anyone who supported women's rights would identify as, and accept the label of, 'feminist.' She was a raging leftist riotgrrrl who hung out in the punk and oi scene and didn't seem to mind the company of blatantly conservative … Continue reading I Support Women’s Rights, Just Don’t Call Me a Feminist

The Censorship of Alex Jones

You may have heard that Alex Jones was recently banned from Apple, Spotify, Youtube and Facebook for repeatedly violating user agreements and company policies. This is incontrovertible proof that these companies are operated by the Illuminati! Just kidding. 😉 For years I've attempted to draw a distinction between freethinkers and conspiracy theorists; labels that are … Continue reading The Censorship of Alex Jones