The Abortion Debate Reminds Me That I Hate Everyone

Every so often the abortion debate will resurface as a hot button issue in American politics, ushering in a stark reminder that the real disappointment is that the sun will take another 5 billion years before it explodes and wipes us all out. First we have the backwater conservative evangelic; convinced of the impossibility of … Continue reading The Abortion Debate Reminds Me That I Hate Everyone

No Comedy on College Campuses?

You can't joke about life, society, culture, the daily human rat race with college kids. They're just too serious. Jerry Seinfeld recently said on The Herd that political correctness hurts comedy. Comedians are saying that they don't play colleges because the kids there are too politically correct and they fear reprisal and being labeled a bigot. … Continue reading No Comedy on College Campuses?