Are We Alone In The Universe?

The idea of extraterrestrial life has always sparked controversy and debate.  In the 16th Century, Giordano Bruno was arrested and executed during the Roman Inquisition, essentially for claiming the existence of an infinite Universe and other worlds.  The Roman Catholic Church considered the mere idea of worlds existing, with life, outside of our planet to … Continue reading Are We Alone In The Universe?

No Comedy on College Campuses?

You can't joke about life, society, culture, the daily human rat race with college kids. They're just too serious. Jerry Seinfeld recently said on The Herd that political correctness hurts comedy. Comedians are saying that they don't play colleges because the kids there are too politically correct and they fear reprisal and being labeled a bigot. … Continue reading No Comedy on College Campuses?

Guns Should Not Be Outlawed

The Internet, the Media, and mainstream conceptualization have painted the stereotypical images of those who advocate gun rights and those who vehemently support gun control. Gun rights advocates and gun owners are all uneducated, conservative Christians. They are also racist rednecks who suffer from gingivitis and low IQ scores. Gun control advocates are all wealthy, … Continue reading Guns Should Not Be Outlawed