Free Thinking Libertarians is an independent journal of opinion.

The writers at Free Thinking Libertarians are classical liberals/civil libertarians as well as agnostics.


We take a pragmatic, enlightened approach to Libertarianism. What that essentially means is, we don’t allow dogmatic and absolutist theory & principle to supersede sense and reason.

Libertarianism, as a functioning ethos, revolves around the concept of maximizing individual liberty whilst maintaining an egalitarian liberal democracy/constitutional republic.

Libertarianism is not synonymous with, and should not be confused with, anarchism. We believe in the rule of law, the existence of an objective state body and that those entities should execute authority justly, and without unjustifiable interference to personal freedom.

In short, “More Freedom, Less Government”.


The era of enlightenment summons reason and science over superstition.

Agnosticism, however, does not refuse your right to believe in a higher power. Rather, the amalgamation of Free-thinking and Libertarianism seeks only to question the authoritarianism of the church; which has profaned the concept of spiritualism through abuse of power and corruption.

Agnosticism, unlike Atheism, does not assert the non-existence of God. Agnosticism merely suggests that, by the limited capacity at which we understand the universe, we are not likely to affirm or deny the existence of God through conventional, worldly methods.

It is therefore that we simply ask and ponder, rather than assume and declare.

Personal Beliefs of ‘Freethinking Libertarians’

Peace, compassion, understanding, justice, egalitarianism, pragmatism, fairness, charity and a core value of humanism is the foundation of our belief system.

While the values we hold may not be intrinsically or ubiquitously Libertarian, we hope to share and spread our philosophy through voluntary acceptance.

Peace, Love & Liberty

~Free Thinking Libertarians

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