Puritanical Progressives are Killing Fiction Writing

Controversy over Netflix’s new series ‘Insatiable’ ignited well before its premiere on August 10th, 2018.

The series features an overweight and teased teenage girl who eventually loses weight and then seeks revenge on anyone who has wronged her.

A petition on Change.org to cancel the show launched shortly after the release of the trailer and currently has nearly 300,000 signatures.

Creator Lauren Gussis, responding to criticism that the show promotes toxic diet culture and “fat shaming”, clarified that the series is meant to be a zany, over-the-top,  dark comedy satire.

Gussis claims the series pokes fun at issues in order to bring light to them.

Read more about Lauren’s explanation of the show here. 

These puritanical busybody social justice elitists clearly don’t understand satire or the importance of free expression in fiction writing. (and everywhere else.)

Writers and artists have had to endure censorship campaigns from evangelic conservatives for many years.

Organizations like ‘Morality in Media’ have aimed to put a stop to on screen lewdness, sexuality, perversion, drug & alcohol use and a myriad of other social concerns that would undoubtedly lead to a nation of anarchy and chaos, according to them.

Now it seems like censorship elitists have formed an alliance, culling activism from both the left and the right in an attempt to drag free speech to an untimely grave.

As a writer of dark comedy and satire myself, I find it abhorrent that such an effort to eradicate works of fiction is steadfastly increasing.

It’s not the criticism or bad reviews that I loathe. Nay, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and they are welcome to have a voice in criticizing works of art.

In fact, and every artist knows this, criticism is absolutely necessary in the world of art, fiction writing etc. We need criticism and many writers thrive on it.

What we don’t need is political action to try to censor us. We don’t need social justice warriors and evangelic busybodies attempting to destroy what we have created in order to bring to fruition a black-and-white, moral puritanism wrought from myopic social engineering.

These censorship campaigns do have an effect on publishing companies, magazines, producers, companies etc.  Just ask the National Lampoon franchise, for one of countless examples.

Sure, it’s their right to protest and petition, but it’s our right, also, to call them out for what they really are; intellectually lazy philistines who lack the ability to understand satire, art, comedy and the beauty of fiction writing, even it appears shocking, controversial or offensive.

It’s also our right to suggest to them that they go back to hiding in their churches and their safe spaces and let those who appreciate controversial art have the freedom to observe how they so desire.

Don’t like the show? Simple solution, don’t watch it.

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