Antifa Targets Black Conservative Candace Owens

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk and communications director Candace Owens were having breakfast at a cafe in Philadelphia when they were confronted by far-left protesters known as Antifa.

Antifa is a militant, far-left, anti-fascist movement, comprised of anonymous participants, with the objective of confronting the threat of Nazi and Fascist uprisings. The original Antifa was formed in 1932, with heavy involvement from the Communist Party of Germany.

In recent decades, Antifa has been largely active in the American underground punk scene, which has acted, in part, as a movement against the threat of neo-nazi skinhead gangs terrorizing minorities, as well as anti-racist punk rockers (a target of neo-nazi skinheads).

I’m not sure what was going through the heads of the Philly Antifa on Monday.

Philadelphia and its surrounding areas are home to some of the most notorious white supremacist gangs in America. One neo-nazi gang, active in Philly, has a member who was recently incarcerated for hate crime and murder.

There are no shortages of opponents Antifa could have targeted in Philly Monday morning. They could have picked any one of these gangs who pose a real threat to their community, but Philly Antifa had a better idea, and thought:  ‘Wait, I know! Let’s go harass a black woman minding her own business eating breakfast in a cafe!’

I’m sure they’ll say the real target was Charlie Kirk, who is described as a ‘neo-fascist’ by the Philly Antifa. I haven’t done much research on Kirk, so I can’t speak to these claims, but at a cursory observation he strikes me more as a ‘run of the mill’ conservative, but like I said, I don’t know.

Let’s just say he is a “neo-fascist” for a moment (hypothetically). What then was the great revolutionary response to his dining at a cafe with Candace Owens?

Yelling at him and pouring a cup of water over his head. Yep, pouring water on him.

Wow, they really showed him! That poor bastard’s shirt took a whole 15 minutes to dry.

Let’s be honest. The real target was Candace Owens who, as a conservative black woman, is a greater threat, as she deviates from the expectation that minorities should fall in line with leftist orthodoxy.

Antifa will justify their actions because some of the content published by Owens is controversial and, arguably, inflammatory.

No matter how you try to spin it though, Antifa, in this case, are still a bunch of white people utilizing harassment, threat of violence, and aggression in order to silence the voice of a woman of color.

The logic presented by some of those on the left is suspect to me. On one hand some argue that women of color are ubiquitously and unconditionally subjugated, marginalized, and oppressed by systemic and institutionalized racism, and therefore lack the resources and capacity to effectively act as oppressors.

On the other hand, if the woman of color happens to be a conservative then suddenly the previously established criteria are null and void. Suddenly she is no longer seen as a black woman, she is now just a “conservative”, and has, through some strange alchemy, willfully gained the ability to act as an oppressor.

The oppression as it turns out, according to this logic, is based on political adherence rather than congenital biology.  If she falls in line with leftist ideology and identification, then she is a victim, oppressed etc. However, if she is a conservative then she is the oppressor?

This logic, therefore, inadvertently suggests that the cure for oppression, the empowerment of black people, rests with the simple step of becoming a conservative.

Noam Chomsky is certainly right about one thing:  Antifa are a gift and a blessing to the right wing.

Candace Owens and I would disagree on certain political issues, there’s no doubt about that, but I will say that I admire her tenacity, her unwillingness to conform to expectations, and her courage to stand up against political bullying from the militant left.

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