Your Teenage Daughter Is Having Sex

There’s a lot of imagery on the internet that encourages Fathers to threaten violence against their daughter’s boyfriends. Allow me to offer some perspective on this and to why that would be a bad idea.

The boy isn’t afraid of you.  If he shows up to pick your teenage daughter up for a date and you throw a shotgun shell at him and then tell him “it moves a lot faster after 10pm” you might think you’re a bad ass, but he’s just going to think you’re a douche. (And if you actually do that, you are a douche.)

He’ll have your daughter home by 10pm, you can count on that.  He doesn’t want any hassle and obviously doesn’t want the girl to get into any trouble if he likes her.  A lot can happen between 6pm when he picked her up and 10pm when he drops her off, however.  First off, you’ve just embarrassed your daughter and now she’s pissed at you. You must be living under a rock if you don’t know what teenage girls do when they’re pissed off at their parents.

At precisely 8:35pm the boy you threatened will be intensely enjoying a forbidden blowjob. At 8:41pm, stimulated to “champion status”, he’s now mustered the courage to proceed to the next level.  Your threat has not inhibited him from attempting to have sexual intercourse with your daughter, and since she’s feeling rebellious and free-spirited, she doesn’t resist his advances.  I assure you that he’s not thinking about your threat while he’s having sex with her, but after he’s finished (at 8:43pm) the thought of you throwing a shot gun shell at him will have made his conquest all the more satisfying.

You’re protective of your daughter, I dig that.  You’re concerned with your daughter dating because you care about your family and that’s admirable, but don’t make asinine threats.  If you have the courage to threaten a 16 year old boy, then surely you have the courage to sit down and have a real conversation with your daughter.

Be honest.  Talk to the girl.  Tell her your concerns. Offer some perspective so she gains some understanding of where you’re coming from. Communication is key.  If you show her respect, treat her like an adult, and truly demonstrate that you love and care for her, chances are she’ll make good decisions in life.  Lead by example, be a positive influence in your family’s life,  and be someone she looks up to and not some lunatic who threatens her boyfriends when they come over to take her out on a date. In other words, put the shotgun away and be a Father. 😉

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