Guns Should Not Be Outlawed

The Internet, the Media, and mainstream conceptualization have painted the stereotypical images of those who advocate gun rights and those who vehemently support gun control.

Gun rights advocates and gun owners are all uneducated, conservative Christians. They are also racist rednecks who suffer from gingivitis and low IQ scores. Gun control advocates are all wealthy, college educated liberals. They are also socially liberated, support gay rights, are feminists and over pronounce vowels typically towards the end of a sentence.

This is the image society has painted, and if you’re like a lot of people who succumb to this mainstream deception, you may find it shocking to discover that I fully support gun rights–I also frequently attend the symphony, have nothing against gay people or women, I’m fairly liberal, I’m agnostic, I’m educated and I own a business.  The reality of the situation is that gun rights advocates and those who support gun control are all individuals; they come from all different walks of life from either side of the spectrum. Believe it or not, there are in fact democrats who support gun rights, and there are republicans who are for gun control.  The debate has created this segregation of people; the illusion that we all fit into a certain “type” of people or category.  This is not the case.

As a free thinking, intelligent and educated person who endorses reason and logic, I’ve analyzed both sides of the gun debate thoroughly.  Realistically both sides of the argument offer valid points. Guns are indeed potentially dangerous and proper training should be administered before utilizing a firearm.  When I was a supervisor at a global freight company I would rigorously train new employees before certifying them to use the equipment. Why? Because calling someone’s Mother to tell her that her kid was killed when a forklift blade punctured his lungs by someone who wasn’t properly trained is not something you want to have to do. (Thankfully I never had to make that call, but I did work with people in management who did have to make that call.) Likewise, you wouldn’t want to have to make the same call about an improperly trained person who just accidentally killed his buddy with a firearm.

Guns kill people. They don’t physically kill people by themselves and we know it’s the bullet that does the actual killing, but we all know what it means when someone says ‘Guns kill people’.  I would try to accurately toll the gun deaths in America right now, but as you’re reading this it’s already climbed higher.  A lot of people do die from gun violence every year.  What causes the number to be so high in America is debatable, but the figures are there.  I’m not one to dismiss facts just because I don’t like reading them. The truth is that many people, including many innocent people (like family members, children etc.) die because of either gun violence or gun accidents.

So if guns are so dangerous and so many people die from them, why do I support the right to have them?  It’s quite simple really. I could drone on about different angles of the gun debate and offer points and rebuttals to the points all day long, but I wont do that.  This is not a diatribe to gun control advocates, I respect their concerns and points but I think there is something that goes beyond statistics and petty argumentation. The ultimate and greatest reason of why I don’t think guns should be outlawed is because I am a person who values their life and their freedom and I don’t think that a government should be granted the power to strip away the basic human right of self-defense of the individuals who comprise this country (or any country). The right to survival.  In this violent and chaotic world we live in, the Government taking away your right to have a gun would be synonymous with taking away your life jacket if you were lost at sea.

The right to keep and bear arms is actually really important, even if you don’t particularly like guns or are afraid of people having them, it is extremely important.

And just for fun, watch this:

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